I started my career as a writer and editor for lifestyles and women’s magazines 15 years ago and now combine that same sophisticated editorial judgment with facility across cutting-edge digital content and communications platforms.

Though I remain nostalgic about the permanence of the printed word, I’m far more enthused by the opportunities for storytelling (and marketing) that have been made possible by the Web.

A master’s program in digital media entrepreneurship converted me from a one-trick traditionalist to a forward-thinking futurist with hands-on multimedia skills. Later, coordinating an entrepreneurship institute for journalism educators enhanced my understanding of how to create, maintain, market and monetize digital platforms. And my full-time job exposed me to sales, marketing and intrapreneurship, and most recently, SEO.

Today I blend these skills to curate niche publications and repurpose content across platforms, blog, maintain websites, manage social media, pitch media, send e-newsletters, create podcasts, self-publish books and make sure that the content I develop is found by its intended audience.

I am the author of several ebooks in Kindle Direct Publishing as well as print-on-demand titles in CreateSpace. I am passionate about the relationship between women and work in America and was previously a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

When I have spare time, I read, run, write, travel, hug my furkids, admire my husband’s culinary prowess and support colleagues’ indie film and performance ventures.


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