Elizabeth Mays

Content. Marketing. Web. Intrapreneurship.

I enjoy helping small- to medium-sized businesses grow their digital footprints. With a background in content and the Web, I do all of the below:

  • Maintain websites; edit and write digital content
  • Work with diverse teams to project-manage complex Web redesigns (usually in Drupal and WordPress)
  • Design and send newsletters, ecommunications and deals using Mailchimp
  • Create blog posts designed for humans that capitalize on relevant SEO opportunities
  • Research and incorporate valuable SEO keywords into Web content and blog posts using Moz, SEMrush and SpyFu
  • Research, negotiate and place PPC and CPM advertising; buy and monitor Google search Adwords as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social advertising
  • Monitor Web analytics via Google, Webmaster Tools and other platforms
  • Produce instructional videos
  • Design infographics to supplement blog and Web content
  • Live-tweet and otherwise cover events; author press releases
  • Social media management, creating and scheduling organic social posts with an eye toward best times for engagement
  • Network and present
  • General business intrapreneurship, administration and customer / tech support
  • Turn blog and Web content into books; write and publish books

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