Elizabeth Mays

Content Marketer & Intrapreneur for Small Businesses

Helping small- to medium-sized enterprises grow is my passion. Here are some of the services I provide to create value for my clients.

  • Email marketing: Design, write and send newsletters and promotions; set up automated email communications flows for customer onboarding; create RSS emails; and develop email courses for content marketing using Mailchimp.
  • Content marketing: Develop content strategy, narrative and editorial calendar. Oversee editorial teams in production of content that drives marketing objectives.
  • Blogging: Write blog posts (or knowledge base documentation) designed for humans that capitalize on relevant SEO opportunities.
  • SEO awareness: Research and incorporate SEO into Web content and blog posts using Moz, SEMrush and SpyFu.
  • Analytics: Monitor Web analytics via Google, Webmaster Tools and other platforms; utilize Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Social media: Create and schedule organic social posts with an eye toward best times for engagement and audience building; monitor and report analytics; live-tweet.
  • Content Repackaging: Repurpose content from various sources into new formats.
  • Multimedia: Produce instructional videos for YouTube, create podcasts, conduct webinars.
  • General business support (scheduling, project management, operations management)

Can I create value for you? Reach out.