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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book

May 8, 2015

Infographic: how to go blog to book

Infographic: how to go blog to book

Lately I’ve been repurposing a lot of website and blog content into books that then can be distributed and consumed in new ways and factor heavily in marketing campaigns.

Several colleagues have asked me for some tips on turning their own blogs or websites into a book.

So I compiled a quick how-to on the Pressbooks blog, along with a handy companion visual, which you can download and print from the Pressbooks site for reference.


The Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing

May 2, 2015

I’ve created an Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing to make it easier to understand the steps involved in publishing a book in ebook and print-on-demand formats.

The Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing

The Pressbooks Illustrated Guide to Self-Publishing

Find this useful?

You can download and print a PDF version of this infographic.

New Ebook: The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing

February 21, 2015

The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing

The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing

I’m proud to announce the release of my newest book, The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing.

Produced for client Pressbooks.com, the free downloadable ebook will show you how to self-publish your book in both ebook and print stores for under $100.

It covers the entire self-publishing process, from start to finish, and shows you how to avoid paying expensive intermediaries to help you with the parts that are now doable DIY.

You can download the book in ereader or PDF format at http://selfpublishing.pressbooks.com/



How to Design Your Print and EBook

December 7, 2014

Book layout video

How to design and lay out your book

Want to lay out your book for ebook and print output for only $100, without hiring a graphic designer or Web developer?

Look no further than Pressbooks as your writing and file conversion platform. Here’s how to style your book with no coding necessary.

Publishing, Democratized

March 12, 2014

Publishing resentation

Publishing presentation

I frequently speak on the democratization of book publishing through innovative book-production platforms and newly accessible markets for distribution.

I pioneered the Cronkite School’s Cronkite New Media Academy course on self-publishing.

Most recently, I delivered this talk at #techphx.