Elizabeth Mays

Content Marketer & Intrapreneur for Small Businesses

I live at the intersection of marketing strategy and digital content development. Here are some of the ways I’ve put my skills to use.

I developed a YouTube channel  and many video tutorials for Pressbooks, at https://www.youtube.com/user/pressbooks. It amassed close to 14,000 views and averaged 1:44 in view duration in its first two years. 

I also edited a book, The Pressbooks Guide to Self-Publishing, for use in content marketing. It converted many readers into customers. 

I created an email course, Seven Days to Self-Publishing, for Pressbooks as well as an email course, Introduction to Covering Financials, for The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, which scored more than 700 signups in its first two months.

I developed an RSS-automated hiking email for Sedona Monthly, which has had between 45-75% open rates.

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I supervised the development of content strategy and execution for Businessjournalism.org for a year and am currently working to retool or launch several new blogs.

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